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Turkish Delight Steak Recipe

Turkish Delight Steak Recipe

We love tasting delicious flavors with Damak Keyfi Baharat. We are sure that when you combine this cooked meat like Turkish Delight with the Spices of Damak Delight, it will have a very special place on your palate. Enjoy Now


  • 3 kg tenderloin
  • Black pepper
  • Salt
  • Olive oil
  • 2 spoonful butter

For Cooking:

  • Casting Grill
  • Porcelain plate


First of all, we cut our meat in 5 cm slices on the wood without being too thick. After making the slices, we drop a little olive oil on the meat and then sprinkle freshly ground black pepper. After waiting like this for a while, you can start heating the cast iron pan. After the cast iron is heated, we seal both sides of the meat for only 1 minute each.

Meanwhile, we put the porcelain plate on the stove and start melting the butter on it.

We take the sealed meats and put them in melted butter. Meat continues to cook in the plate until it is taken to the service. Then we throw the sea salt on it and serve it.

Enjoy your meal

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